Robin finds a home in Liverpool Cathedral's Christmas tree

Last updated at 16:44
Robin in Liverpool CathedralLiverpool Cathedral

A real live robin has been found in a Christmas tree in Liverpool Cathedral.

Staff there noticed the bird just after the tree was put up inside.

Liverpool Cathedral Christmas treeLiverpool Cathedral

It's thought that the festive robin had got into the branches of the Christmas tree while it was being stored outside of the Cathedral.

The Cathedral say that the bird is nesting or sleeping in the tree and that is a welcome addition to their services.

Robin in Liverpool CathedralElizabeth Turp

They also say they are working a plan to look after the robin when the tree needs to be taken down, as robins and their nests are protected by law.

Robin in Liverpool CathedralLiverpool Cathedral

The Cathedral think there might actually be two robins but they haven't managed to spot them together yet.