Capsule that brought Tim Peake back to Earth to go on display

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Watch to find out about Peake's mega mission and the capsule that carried him

The capsule that Tim Peake travelled to space in and used to return to earth, is going to be displayed here in the UK.

The Science Museum in London have bought the Soyuz capsule that transported Tim to the International Space Station and will have it on show from early next year.

The capsule has been refurbished but still has burn marks on it from being singed when it re-entered Earth's atmosphere on its journey back from space.

Soyuz capsulePA
This is what the Soyuz capsule looks like now

Tim Peake said that he is "absolutely delighted" that his spacecraft will be on show in the UK.

Tim Peake tweet@astro_timpeake

What is a Soyuz spacecraft?

- A Soyuz is a spacecraft made in Russia

- At the moment, it is the only way to get to and from the International Space Station.

- The Soyuz transports Russian cosmonauts and astronauts but it's a tight ride and has room for only three people in it.

- It's pronounced SAW-YOOZ

- A Soyuz capsule is launched into space by sitting on top of a Soyuz rocket.

Soyuz rocket and crew modulePAUL RINCON
The capsule is attached to a Soyuz rocket a few days before launch
Soyuz capsuleNASA
After launch, the rocket and capsule separate. The rocket falls back to earth and the capsule keeps going.

- It attaches to the International Space Station and the crew use a hatch that is connected to the ISS to leave and enter the Soyuz.

Soyuz attached to International Space StationEsa nasa
At least one Soyuz is always attached to the space station at all times. It means that if the crew there need to leave in an emergency, they could use it.

- The Soyuz capsule is made up of three parts but when it returns to earth, only one part with the cosmonauts and astronauts in comes back.

- On its way back to earth, the Soyuz capsule separates itself from the two other parts, which then burn up in the atmosphere.

- A Soyuz capsule has no wheels or wings.

Tim Peake returning to earthNASA/Bill Ingalls
It relies on the atmosphere to slow it down when it is coming back to earth. It then uses a giant parachute to slow it down even more.
Soyuz landing explosionNASA/Bill Ingalls
Once it nears the ground, it fires rocket engines to make it slow down even more, which makes it look like an explosion.

- The landing is always a bit bumpy for the cosmonauts and astronauts inside.

- Once a Soyuz capsule has returned to earth, it can't be used again.