Strange things named after celebrities

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Oldham CouncilOldham Council
The winning name on the gritter

X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger has just had a road gritter named after her.

It was all part of a competition that the council for Oldham, in Greater Manchester, ran for school children to name their new gritter.

They had thousands of entries but the winner was 10-year-old Eve who suggested naming the truck after the celeb judge.

Nicole ScherzingerPA
Nicole Scherzinger is a judge on ITV1's X Factor

The gritter will be used to spread salt on roads when it snows - so the name has a salty twist... Nicole Saltslinger!

But Nicole isn't the only celeb who's had something strange named after them.

1. Sir David Attenborough the boat

Artist's impression of shipNERC
Would Boaty McBoatface have been a better name for this ship?

Ships and boats often get named after people like this polar research ship named after wildlife presenter Sir David Attenborough.

It got this name after the winning entry in a competition to name it - Boaty McBoatface - didn't get taken up by the ship owners.

Instead they said the popular suggestion of Boaty McBoatface would be given to one of their sub-sea vehicles.

2. Angelina Jolie the spider

Angelina JolieGetty Images
Hope Angelina is not scared of spiders

Naming new species after celebrities is a very good way to get people talking about what you've discovered.

A new type of trapdoor spider was given the name Aptostichus angelinajolieae after American actress Angelina Jolie.

It was named after her by a university professor in recognition of the work she does to help refugees around the world.

3. Lady Gaga the fern

Lady GagaPA
If you want to give Lady Gaga a present why not give her a Gaga germanotta fern?

When a new type of plant is discovered it needs a name too.

So when scientists at Duke University in North Carolina, America, needed to name a new group of 19 ferns they thought of... Lady Gaga.

The 19 different species of fern each have the the group name "Gaga" and one of them has the full name Gaga germanotta - referring to Lady Gaga's real surname Germanotta.

4. Arsene Wenger the minor planet

Arsenal manager Arsene WengerGetty Images
Is he trying to point to the minor planet named after him? It's way too far away

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger might may be a successful football manager, but did you know he has a minor planet - 33179 Arsenewenger - named after him too?!

In fact, there are lots of things in space named after scientists, astronomers and other famous people.

The person who discovers a minor planet can suggest a name to a committee, who then decide whether it's suitable.