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Wildlife Photographer of the Year - People's Choice

A series of incredible pictures of the world's wildlife are in the running for the People's Choice Award. All of the photos are currently on display at the Natural History Museum in London, which organises the competition, but here's a selection of some of them. The 25 finalists were picked from around 50,000 photo entries from 95 countries.
This adorable photo shows a polar bear cub taking a ride on its mother's back in Canada.
Hitching a ride by Daisy Gilardini, SwitzerlandDaisy Gilardini / WPOTY 2016
A mother Japanese macaque monkey was pictured resting her hand protectively on the head of her baby as it slept.
A mother's hand by Alain Mafart Renodier, FranceAlain Mafart Renodier / WPOTY 2016
This croc was caught on camera having a large bite to eat.
Opportunistic croc by Bence Mate, HungaryBence Mate / WPOTY 2016
Snow monkeys huddle together to keep warm! The photographer had to climb a tree to snap this picture.
Monkey ball by Thomas Kokta, GermanyThomas Kokta / WPOTY 2016
Like the snow monkeys, these emperor penguin chicks are huddling together during a storm to shelter themselves.
Facing the storm by Gunther Riehle, GermanyGunther Riehle / WPOTY 2016
The two lionesses in this photo, taken in South Africa, are holding exactly the same pose as they sniff a tree.
Sisters by Bernd Wasiolka, GermanyBernd Wasiolka / WPOTY 2016
This picture captured two golden snub-nosed monkeys in China about to have a fight...
Into the fray by Stephen Belcher, New ZealandStephen Belcher / WPOTY 2016
...while this one shows two oxen in Norway already locking horns!
Head-on by Tapio Kaisla, FinlandTapio Kaisla / WPOTY 2016
Two Coleman shrimps were photographed in Indonesia nestled in a fire urchin.
The couple by Sergio Sarta, ItalySergio Sarta / WPOTY 2016
This large jellyfish was snapped off the coast of Mozambique, with some cheeky animals called brittle stars hitching a ride on it!
Jelly starburst by Andrea Marshall, USAAndrea Marshall / WPOTY 2016
Female Mexican free-tailed bats swarm out of a cave in the US to find food.
Into the night by Karine Aigner, USAKarine Aigner / WPOTY 2016
This kingfisher was captured on camera as it dived into a pond.
The blue trail by Mario Cea, SpainMario Cea / WPOTY 2016
Have you ever seen the eye of a parrotfish this close up before?
Eye in Focus by Ally McDowell, USA/UKAlly McDowell / WPOTY 2016
This Dalmatian pelican in Greece seemed to want to have a staring contest with the photographer.
Eye contact by Guy Edwardes, UKGuy Edwardes / WPOTY 2016
The way these two rhinos in South Africa have been photographed makes it look like one rhino with two heads!
Confusion by Rudi Hulshof, South AfricaRudi Hulshof / WPOTY 2016
At the Giraffe Manor in Kenya, guests might find an unexpected guest joining them for breakfast!
Breakfast time by Cari Hill, New ZealandCari Hill / WPOTY 2016
The way the light falls on this bird's wings makes it look like they are rainbow-coloured!
Rainbow wings by Victor Tyakht, RussiaVictor Tyakht / WPOTY 2016