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Pictures: Chinese Lantern Festival lights up Leeds

The UK's largest Lantern Festival comes to Yorkshire to bring some outdoor wonder for Christmas. Check out these pictures!
Roundhay Park in Leeds, Yorkshire, has become home to some brightly lit lanterns that double as illuminated sculptures. Over 30 handmade lantern creations have filled the park with light, attracting visitors from all around the UK.
horn of plenty lanternPA
One thing you need for a lantern festival is light bulbs! And it takes quite a few light bulbs to make these lanterns shine - over 40,000 of them! That's 20,000 more than the Eiffel Tower uses to make it sparkle each night.
Horse and chariot lanternPA
Over 110,000 people visited the first lantern festival which was held in London in 2015. Now people outside the capital have the chance to see the colourful illuminations. The display runs until Jan 2nd 2017.
A young girl, her mother and a clown fish lanternPA
The event features different animals and characters: from dragons as long as buses, to giant bumble bees and mushrooms like these ones! Not something you see everyday in your local park.
Bumble bee and mushroomPA
One of the people behind the festival, Ian Xing said that "Lantern festivals have been running for more than 2,000 years across Asia, but they are still new to the West. Roundhay Park is an amazing place for us to illuminate and celebrate both Christmas and the upcoming Chinese New Year."
Panda lanternsPA