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Molly the dog and other animal hitchhikers

Take a look at this adorable photo of Molly dog and her favourite pal the possum, and other animals catching lifts on their unusual friends.
Molly the beagle from Victoria, Australia has made best friends with a possum. They've been inseparable since the possum jumped on Molly's back a few weeks ago.
Molly the beagle from Australia has made best friends with a possum. They've been inseparable since the possum jumped on Molly's back a few weeks ago.Reuters
Nine-year-old pooch Dally the Jack Russell has formed a special relationship with Spanky, who's a miniature horse. The pair are best buddies and can perform various stunts and tricks together at their ranch in Spokane, USA. Dally and Spanky have over 10,000 followers on Instagram.
Dally the Jack Russell and horse show their incredible bond as pooch rides pal barebackCaters News Agency
These two sneaky snails decided to crawl up onto this dumpy tree frog's head. Sort of makes it look like Princess Leia from Star Wars... don't you think? Tanto Yensen grabbed this photo of his pet in Jakarta, Indonesia when the two snails began climbing on the frog like they wanted to play!
Dumpy tree frogTanto Yensen/Solent News & Photo Agency
Amateur photographer Martin Le-May snapped this weasel riding on the back of a woodpecker in a park in Essex. Martin thinks the weasel was trying to hurt the woodpecker but also said "I think we may have distracted the weasel as when the woodpecker landed, it managed to escape and the weasel ran into the grass."
Weasel woodpeckerMartin Le-May
Here's something you don't see everyday, a monkey riding around on the back of a goat! The unusual duo were found on a farm in Yichun city in China. Local wildlife experts said they would take the monkey to the zoo before releasing it into the wild when it got bigger.
Monkey and goat
A man in Florida, USA, captured this strange image of a raccoon riding an alligator when out walking with his family. The photographer said after he took the photo, the raccoon jumped off and the alligator disappeared into the water. A lucky escape for this raccoon or maybe he does this all the time!
Raccoon on alligators backWFTV
Ok, so the puppy isn't exactly a hitchhiker but who cares, they're too cute not to include! Ten-week-old cheetah cub Emmett and seven-week-old puppy Cullen met at Columbus Zoo and quickly became furry friends. Cheetahs can be quite nervous animals and Zoo staff thought Emmett needed a buddy and this happy puppy seemed the perfect choice.