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Fancy a wacky snack? Here's our round up of strange places to eat

Feeling hungry? Nintendo World have released pictures of some of the gaming-inspired food that will be on sale at their Japanese theme park. Check out what's on the menu at Yoshi’s Snack Island - and some more of our favourite places to go for weird and wacky foods!
On Yoshi’s Snack Island in the Nintendo World theme park in Japan, you'll be able to grab yourself edible Koopa Troopa shells. The edible versions are made of baked calzones (folded pizzas) stuffed with cheese and noodles. They look just like the ones in the Mario games, only these shells contain zero turtle - only deliciousness!
Crisps are pretty much a universal favourite and now a whole restaurant in London is dedicated to them. The crisp restaurant, which opened this week, offers a choice of crisps made from rare potato varieties, how fancy! But it's not all savoury there is a choice of sweet and savoury dips. Crunchy lunch anyone?
a bowl of crispsFotoSpeedy
Cereal cafes! Someone had the genius idea of taking our crunchy morning food and turning it into a whole cafe. This one in London offers more than 100 varieties of cereal from all around the world, including America, South Africa, France, Australia, South Korea and the UK! Pass me the milk...
Customers queuing for a selection of cereals at a cereal cafePA
Well, it doesn't get much weirder than this... A toilet themed cafe from Indonesia! Customers sit on the loo and eat out of toilet pans. So, what's on the men-poo? They only have one option and it's brown meatballs floating in thick soup. Apparently it's part of a campaign to encourage the use of clean toilets. Hmmmm...
Soup being served from a toilet bowl.AFP
This is much cuter. A Hello Kitty themed restaurant has opened in Shanghai in Mainland China, serving cat shaped food and drink.
A steaka stamped with a Hello Kitty design.Reuters
A burger restaurant in Australia has created Pokemon-inspired burgers featuring Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Charmander. Designed to appeal to Pokemon Go fans, the Bulbasaur burger has lots of leafy greens, Pikachu has lots of cheese to match his yellow colour and Charmander has spicy salt salsa.
3 burgers that look like Pokemon characters.Reuters
Ever thought the service is bad in a restaurant? Well, this place in Singapore is replacing waiting-staff with flying drones! Drone-waiters whizz above the heads of diners on paths mapped out by a computer program, finding their way using infra-red sensors placed around the restaurant. Watch out as you stand up!
Waiters stand by drones holding food.
One of the classics! Cat cafes are now all over the world, and who wouldn't want to eat while surrounded by some cuddly kittys... it's paw-some!
A cat walks across a coffee table at a cat cafe.EMMANUEL DUNAND