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Porky pets that have gone from fat to fit

These animals were getting a bit too big for their collars but some hard work and healthy eating changed all that!
This is Kaspa. He's food obsessed and his owner, Maria said: "He will eat absolutely anything, from falling crumbs to cardboard and socks." But after a lot of hard work, Kaspa is now looking much healthier and should be back to chasing squirrels in no time
Kaspa the chocolate LabradorPDSA
Runner up, Mikey was a podgy pussy cat with a taste for tortilla chips and popcorn! His owner Stephanie says he wakes her up by biting her arm if his breakfast is late and he will eat "Just about anything!" But Mikey impressed the judges with his weight loss and is back to being a mischievous energetic cat
Mikey the catPDSA
Chihuahuas are not know for being large dogs but no one told runner up Tyty that! His owner, Julie said he "would point-blank refuse to go walking outside". But he's turned himself around and his weight loss has had a big effect on his personality not just his appearance. Julie says he is a much happier dog now and "loves cuddles from family and friends."
Tyty aint no fatty no morePDSA
Runner-up rabbit, Pebbles' weight problems were causing him lots of problems. He was even having trouble grooming himself, which can cause some serious problems. Pebbles' owners changed his diet and put in the effort to help him get to a healthy weight. It paid off and judges were impressed with his progress.
But the Pet Fit Club 2016 Champion is Oscar! The heavyweight hound was in danger of getting into serious health trouble with his weight. His owner June is disabled and struggled to walk him regularly. He was also eating food that wasn't for dogs causing him to pile on the pounds. Now he's lost his podge he's "like a puppy again" according to June's daughter.
Oscar the dogPDSA