The man turning panda poo into paper

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You've got to hand it to him - Liu's got the 'write' idea!

A retired school teacher in China has a new business - making paper from panda poo!

It took Liu Xiaodong two years and ten different attempts to make the perfect sheet.

Liu says poo paper is great for the environment because it is made by recycling panda dung, tree bark, and kiwi vines.

He even runs workshops, where he lives in Shaanxi province, teaching his special method to others.

Panda poo getting dried out...Reuters
First the panda poo gets dried out...
Panda poop being flattened outReuters
Then the poop gets flattened out...
Panda poo paper peeled off stackReuters
And finally it's turned into sheets of paper!

The retired teacher says because a panda's diet is mainly bamboo, which is full of fibres, the paper has a really nice texture and colour, as well as the scent of bamboo.

Hmm - think we'll take his word for it!