Wingsuit pilots take part in incredible race

Screaming through the skies at speeds of around 160mph, this is racing of a very special type.

The Red Bull Aces Wingsuit race for 2016 took place in Arizona, USA over the weekend.

The competition aims to find the world's best overall wingsuit pilot.

The greatest pilots in the sport train specifically for this race every year.

They wear cutting-edge wingsuits specially developed for the blinding speed, aggressive turns and steep dives of the race.

Advanced GPS technology enables them to be tracked from the ground and the winner is determined even in close finishes.

The winner is based on not only how quickly they finish, but also on how many gates they correctly pass through.

The first-ever Red Bull Aces was in 2014, making this year the third time the race has been held.

Find out more about the wingsuit race in the video above.

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