Meet the 'Puggles'!

An Australian zoo is celebrating its first baby 'puggles' in almost 30 years.

The three baby puggles - or echidnas as they are officially named - hatched from their eggs in August but keepers at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia , wanted to see them grow before going public.

The tiny mammals have opened their eyes and are developing their characteristic spines.

The three puggles have different mums. The youngest was born to mother Pitpa, who was the last echidna born at Taronga in 1987.

Baby echidnas hatch after 10 days and are carried around by their mothers in a pouch-like skin fold for up to two months.

The smallest puggle currently weighs about 250g.

They have yet to be given names by their keepers but aren't expected to leave their burrows until early next year.

Until then they will be mostly sleeping!

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