Olly Murs says Honey G and Ed Balls to win X Factor and Strictly

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Who will win?

Yes, you read that right - Olly Murs has told Newsround who he thinks will win X Factor and Strictly.

He told us "Honey G will win X Factor and Ed Balls will win strictly". Don't believe us? Just watch the video above.

The two contestants are dividing loads of people: those in Team Ed or Team Honey G think they've got what it takes, but plenty of others think they're terrible and have no chance of winning.

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Your Comments:

Ed Balls is good especially with the Gangnam Style but Honey G - I don't like her.

Reece, Wolverhampton

I'm rooting for Newsround's Ore; and from seeing some clips it looks like he could make it!

Joshua, Hertfordshire

I really like Ed and I think he is very fun to watch! I want him to go to the finals! Go Ed! I think Honey G is funny to watch but she is not a good singer/rapper at all. I don't want her to go to the finals!

Bella, London

I think that Honey G should win X factor because she is unique and it would be a change for a rapper to win.

Matthew, Cowling

I think it's stupid that Ed Balls could win Strictly. It's not funny because really good dancers are going home, like Daisy Lowe who I loved. My favourite dancer is Claudia Fragapane!

Hope, Perth and Kinross

I hope Honey G won't win.