Clever cockatoo's tool-making skills

Researchers in Oxford and Vienna have been seriously impressed by the creativity and problem solving skills of cockatoos like this one.

They challenged the birds to get food which they'd put just out of reach, in a see-through box.

The cockatoos couldn't reach the food themselves, but were given cardboard, a leafy twig, a bit of wood, and beeswax to make a tool to poke through a hole and push the food out.

The clever birds used different techniques to shape each of the materials, and managed to make good tools out of all of them except the beeswax.

Cockatoos aren't the only skilled tool-makers in the animal kingdom. Chimps are famous for it, as well as other birds including crows.

But these cockatoos don't normally make tools in the wild, so researchers say it shows that they're thinking creatively about a new challenge, not just using the skills they've already practiced.

Check out their skills in this video!!

Footage courtesy of the University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna

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