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Pictures: Superb supermoon photos

This week's supermoon was a chance to see the moon at its biggest and brightest since 1948. Take a look at these brilliant photos taken of it.
Seven-year-old Emmie got this snap of the supermoon from her garden in Hertfordshire.
Rubie, 7, and her brother Teal, 3, from Cheltenham spotted this when they went out on supermoon watch.
This was the early morning view of the supermoon that Zoe, 8, and Finn, 6, in the north-west of Scotland saw.
This pic was snapped by 10-year-old Otto from North Yorkshire.
Ten-year-old Cameron from Leeds saw the supermoon shining brightly in the night sky.
Pippa, 10, from Birmingham was too sleepy to look out for the supermoon but her mum snapped it instead to show her.
Twelve-year-old Sophie from Nottingham snapped this pic of the supermoon shining brightly.
Kelsey, 10, from Poole, saw this and thought it was 'amazing!'
This cloudy shot of the supermoon came from Rosemary, 7, from Kent.
Rosemary's picture
This supermoon photo-bombing plane pic came from Iain in Stevenage
Iain's picture
This giant moon came from Norbazrina in Malaysia
Norbazrina's picture
Zsolt from London sent us this photo of a crane and the supermoon
Zsolt's pictureBerend Zsolt
Sandhya from India took this sparkling photo
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