Anti-Trump protests take place in US cities

Last updated at 12:13
Protest in OregonReuters

Protests have been taking place for a third night across some cities in the US.

Groups of people who are unhappy with Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election have taken to the streets of Miami, Philadelphia and New York.

Most of the marches were peaceful but in Portland, Oregon, police used tear gas to move on thousands of demonstrators.

Person holding signReuters

Some protesters there smashed shop and car windows, threw firecrackers and set rubbish alight. Police arrested 26 people.

There were also people who took to the streets to march in support of Mr Trump too.

Person holding signReuters

Donald Trump will become president on 20 January 2017. He'll take over the White House from Barack Obama, who has served as US president for eight years.

Earlier this week, Donald Trump won the US presidential election, even though polls had suggested Hillary Clinton was ahead.

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