Giant spider web in Lancashire

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giant spider webDr Judith Charnley
Cobwebs cover a wall in Keighley Old Road between Laneshaw Bridge and Trawden

A Lancashire village woke up to giant cobwebs made by thousands of tiny spiders.

All of the webs joined together are more than 100 metres long!

Dr Judith Charnley, who lives nearby, took the photos on Halloween. How suitably spooky!

She got a close up of the tiny spiders creating the web.

giant spider webDr Judith Charnley
A close up of part of the giant web with its tiny creators

Experts believe the spiders are a common species called Dictyna arundinacea.

They are often found in the UK on plants or in mossland areas.

It's thought that this web is so large because of the mild weather in October, resulting in lots of the spiders.

giant spider webDr Judith Charnley
Cool but creepy!

Lancashire Wildlife Trust Campaigns Officer Alan Wright said: "This is an amazing sight and great news because lots of spiders will keep insects in check and provide food for birds over winter. Everyone's a winner."