Comments: What do you think about the result of the US election?

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Donald TrumpEuropean Photopress Agency
Donald Trump has declared victory in the US election

Donald Trump has declared victory in the US election to become the next president of the US.

He is set to take over from Barack Obama in January 2017.

Many people say that the US president is the most powerful person on the planet.

So we want to know what YOU think about Donald Trump taking on one of the biggest jobs in the world.

Do you have any questions about the result, Donald Trump or what happens next?

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Your comments

I really can't believe that Donald trump won! I understand that Hillary isn't the right person to win either but, in my opinion, she could be a better president than Trump. I heard on the radio this morning that although Donald Trump says he is going to build a wall in Mexico, he actually doesn't have enough authority to do this and would have to get it past other more powerful people.

Daisy, Lancashire

Why do we have to have a man president when we have never had a lady president? I think it's ridiculous, why didn't Hillary Clinton win? Yes she has made mistakes in the past but she wanted another chance.

Amelia, Nottingham

I am not sure the Americans have made the right decision because he does not seem to have the nicest opinions about everyone and he says them. What will he do next?

Isabel, Buckinghamshire

If I'm honest, I think Trump might just be OK. Yes, he was racist and sexist in the build up to the election, but his victory speech seemed promising. I don't, however, like the American voting system because Clinton got 200,000 more votes than Trump but the electoral college took veto power to make Trump win. Trump does want to build a wall, which may help immigration issues, but I disagree with him due to the fact that he wants to ban Muslims.

Rhys, Gloucestershire

I don't think Trump should be president because he is mean and wants to build a wall.

George, Nottingham

I'm in the middle with Trump because sometimes he says good things and sometimes he says bad things and its bad he doesn't like women.

Willow, Nottingham

Why would anyone vote for Donald Trump? He's even building a wall and that's not friendly at all. Have the votes been counted right? I liked Obama.

Daisy, Nottingham

I don't like either I wish Obama could still be president forever.

Edie, Nottingham

I'm annoyed because Donald Trump is racist and sexist and I don't think he is responsible enough to take a spot as president and he has said very mean and offensive things.

Hannah, age 9

I don't know why he is president when he was already popular the way he was.

Jamie, age 9

I am happy he has won because he is hard working.

Connor, age 9

Donald Trump's speech when his victory was confirmed seemed reasonable because he pledged to be 'the president of all people', but we are concerned that some of his ideas might be troubling or harmful. Donald Trump has the support of the House of Representatives and the Senate, which Barack Obama didn't have, so we think it might be easier for him to make the changes he wants to make, and we don't know how he will use that power. We think Hilary Clinton's experience would have made her a better president.

Class 6L, Berrymede Junior School

In my opinion I think that Hillary Clinton should have won. I did not want Donald Trump to win because he used bad language and he is not honest.

Ava, Strathblane, Scotland

I think Donald Trump is a horrible man because he is offensive and racist man! I think Trump should not have got president, but Clinton wouldn't have done better.

Kieran, Strathblane, Scotland

I do not agree with either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton but if I myself had a vote I would have personally voted for Hilary Clinton. I don't think she tells the truth but she is not racist like Donald Trump.

Molly, Strathblane, Scotland

I think Donald Trump should not have won because he insults people.

Ewan and Lloyd, age 9

I think people believed in what he said which is why he won. I wouldn't want either of them as president though.

Cameron, Catterline

I think Donald Trump will make America great again because he will protect, serve and be loyal to the public. I agree that he was a bit racist and sexist but that doesn't mean he can't be president! My friend Harry says he will make World War III. That isn't true because why would he run for president if he is going to start a war?

Rudy, Dorset

I was shocked that Donald Trump won the election although Hillary Clinton would have been the first lady president she said she will do all these great things but she said she wouldn't. Every single bit of Trump is suitable for presidents except from a few wobbles like being racist and building a wall to block out Mexico to prevent immigrants.

TJ, York

I believe that neither Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are the right people to be president in the USA. However if I had to vote, I would vote for Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump is racist and not kind to women. I am very disappointed that Donald Trump has won the election, as the things he said in his speeches are racist to black people and woman and his plan to build a wall between Mexico and America will not bring them together, it will just tear them apart.

Katie, York

I was expecting these results even though I would have preferred Hillary Clinton. However, she would also be untrustworthy in the role of US president because of her emails and ideas of going to war. The reasons why I believe Trump is going to be a worse president than Hillary would have been because of his vile, racist, homophobic and sexist comments.

Matthew, York

I think that neither candidates are right for the job. But seeing as Donald Trump is the US President, this is a bad idea because he has no experience and the comments and actions that he has shown the country surprises me that people voted for him. Does he really care for the country? Although I think neither candidates are right to be President, Hillary Clinton is the better candidate out of the two. Do both of them just want power?

Brooke, York

I really am not very impressed by the Americans' choice to have an inexperienced business man doing one of the most influential jobs in the world. Furthermore, Donald Trump is horrible about other types of people, such as Muslims and Mexicans. He is sexist and racist, how could any women vote for him, he thinks men are better, why? In my opinion I have to say Clinton is no better, she is untrustworthy and has ideas of going to war. So that may be a good reason to pick Trump. He also cares more for his country. I wish Obama could stay.

Owen, York

After all those nasty comments from Donald Trump, I thought people would realise that he was a horrible man. Although Hillary Clinton was not really trustworthy, she would have had a much better future as president. She knows a lot more about the job because her husband was once president and she has been wanting that job for longer than you think. She does not come up with horrible ideas like building a wall between Mexico and America, she is equal with everybody and not racist. Donald Trump does NOT deserve this incredible place, Hillary does!

Lydia, York

I don't think Trump is kind because he insulted other people. I don't believe he would be a good president and he doesn't deserve to be a president.

Rhianna, Edinburgh

I think Trump is quite rude and we don't know what is going to happen now whether he will change or not.

Tianna, Edinburgh

I think Trump might be a good president when he starts and he might change his attitude and he might be nice to people and stop being racist to them.

Holly, Edinburgh

Trump says he wants to build good relationships with other countries. If this is true, then why does he want to build a wall?

Pine class, Essex

I think Americans have made a brilliant choice accepting Trump as he is a great man and he will America great again. He is also really funny and has some very good views! I am very excited for Trump. I hope his kids can do more speeches about how great he is, as his kids are brilliant as well.

Jacob, Essex

I think Donald Trump is a dangerous man, who might cause lots of trouble.

Ellie, Wales

We shouldn't hate Donald Trump because, even though we disagree with a lot of what he has said, we should be trying to encourage him to make good choices now he is president.

Madrid class, Year 4, Bristol

Why? He doesn't even have any experience, and the things that he says - the racist, sexist, and homophobic things. I don't know why people would vote for: DONALD TRUMP!!!!!

Olivia, London

How did America choose, as both act like children like telling lies and saying nasty things about women and different races.

Lily, Derbyshire

I think Trump won't be a good president because of how offensive he is. However Clinton isn't any better. If only Obama could stay.

Tash, 11, Birmingham

This is an outrage! Why would American people pick a Muslim hater, a selfish person and a rich person just because he's building a 'wall'?

Diakite, Willenhall

I think America should have voted for Hillary Clinton because Donald Trump will not do anything.

Max, Manchester

I think the election result is bad because Mr Trump has been very rude to lots of different types of people. I am feeling quite sad because the President of America should be a kind person. President Obama seemed to be a very kind man. My question is: Is Mr Trump really going to build the wall he promised - the one between America and Mexico? The idea of a wall doesn't seem kind or friendly.

James, 9, Wiltshire

I think he will do a good job because he will protect America.

Jake, Essex

I don't think he should be president because we think he says mean things.

Hayley, Debbie and Adam, Essex

I think Trump will be a powerful president.

Emin and Evita, Essex

I think the Trump name is really funny.

Sam, Essex

He will be the best President because he will work hard.

Jamie, Essex

I want to know when the changes will start, like house building for example. But I wonder who will pay for it?

Kieran, Essex

I think Donald Trump is very controversial but Hillary Clinton is no better.

Grace, Newcastle

I would like Hillary Clinton to win because she will be the first female president and what she wants to do I think is better than what Trump wants to do.

Bobby, Teesside