How Donald Trump won the US election

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Mike Pence and Donald TrumpGetty Images
Donald Trump shakes hands with the man who is set to be his vice-president, Mike Pence

Catch up below on Newsround's coverage of the US election 2016 results.

People in the US voted in their millions to choose who would be the next leader of the country.

The two main candidates for the job were Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton and Donald TrumpAFP/Getty Images
Donald Trump beat his rival, the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, in the race to become the next US president

After many months of campaigning by both candidates, the wait was over and it was announced that Donald Trump would become the next president of the US.

17:00 - End of live coverage

This is the end of Newsround's live online coverage of the US election results.

Thank you for your questions and comments throughout the day!

16:36 - Hillary Clinton reacts to the result

Hillary Clinton has given a speech after the result of the US election, which she lost to rival Donald Trump.

She apologised to her supporters for not winning the election. "This is not the outcome we wanted or worked so hard for," she said.

Hillary ClintonAP
The unsuccessful candidate Hillary Clinton has addressed her supporters in New York following the results of the election

However, she went on to say how proud and grateful she was for the campaign that she fought.

She told her supporters that they represent "the best of America" and that it had been "one of the greatest honours of [her] life" to represent them.

She said that she had congratulated Donald Trump on his victory, adding: "I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans."

16:33 - US kids react to the election result

As well as asking you in the UK what you think about the result, Newsround also spoke to children in the US about their feelings.

This is what they had to tell us...

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What do US kids think about the election result?

16:30 - What would you say to Trump?

Newsround went to speak to some of you to find out what you would like to say to the next US president Donald Trump.

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Take a look at their messages...

16:20 - Ayshah answers your questions

We want to know why Donald Trump has been elected despite what he has said about Mexican people and the horrible things he has said about women. Even though he has been really horrible to and about women, some women have voted for him. Why?

Ayshah: Different people vote for different reasons.

A lot of people think Donald Trump will be good for the country because he's said he will bring more jobs and keep America safe. He's also not a politician and many Americans want a change.

A lot of people don't like Hillary Clinton because they say she can't be trusted. Everyone makes a personal choice when it comes to voting.

Donald TrumpGetty Images
Lots of people support Donald Trump, because they think he will bring much-needed change to the US

How do the American people feel about the result?

Ayshah: People have different opinions.

I think Trump won't be a good president because of how offensive he is. Clinton isn't any better. If only Obama could stay...

Tash, 11, Birmingham

Those who voted for Donald Trump will be happy. At the official party for his campaign, people were cheering and waving banners when the results were coming in.

But those who voted for Hillary Clinton will be feeling disappointed today. Some were seen crying at Clinton's party, which was held in New York.

The kids I've spoken to so far in the US have mixed feelings. Some of them were shocked when they woke up to the news that Donald Trump will be their next president. But others have told me they are happy and excited about the choice adults have made.

Hillary Clinton supportersReuters
Some Hillary Clinton supporters were in tears about the result

Do you think Donald Trump will elect Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State?

Ayshah: Donald Trump will start announcing the people that he wants to work with over the next couple of months.

It's more likely he'll choose people who supported him throughout his campaign. It's unlikely that Hillary will be Secretary of State as she stood for the opposite party and was his rival.

15:42 - Obama invites Trump to White House

President Barack Obama has invited Donald Trump - the 'President-elect', who is the soon-to-be president - to the White House on Thursday to discuss handing over the job.

Obama is also expected to make a speech soon to talk about the results and how the country can come together now the election is over.

A photo taken today shows work has already begun outside the White House to prepare for the inauguration ceremony in January, when Donald Trump will officially start the job as US president.

The White HouseAFP/Getty Images
Work has already begun outside the White House to prepare for the ceremony when Donald Trump will officially take over as president

15:20 - Ayshah answers your questions

I am happy he has won because he is hard-working.

Connor, 9, Yorkshire

How did Donald Trump become president?

Ayshah: Our guide shows you the exact process of how you become president if you want to find out more.

Why is Donald Trump building a wall across the Mexican border?

Ayshah: He says he wants to build a wall along the border between Mexico and the US to stop people from going into the US illegally.

He's said it's too easy to cross between the two countries at the moment and the wall will keep American people safe. It's one of the top issues his supporters were worried about.

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What would these US kids do if they were president?

What is Donald Trump going to do now that he is president?

Ayshah: He will not officially start the job until 20 January next year. So that means he is currently called a President-elect.

However, between now and then, he will start to choose the people who will work closely with him while he is president. We will have to wait and see what he decides to do first once he starts the job.

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in 2009Getty Images
In 2009, Barack Obama chose Donald Trump's rival Hillary Clinton to work closely alongside him, as his Secretary of State. We will have to wait and see who Donald Trump will choose to work with him

How long is Donald Trump going to be president for?

Ayshah: Usually a president stays in the job for four years before the US people can elect a new president.

It's rare that an elected president would be in the White House for a shorter time than this, unless something exceptional happened.

After four years, Donald Trump could be re-elected if the American people want him to be. He would then be in charge for a total of eight years, like President Barack Obama has been.

Barack ObamaReuters
Barack Obama has been president for eight years now, which is the maximum amount of time that a US president can stay in the job

15:01 - Celebrating Trump's victory

When Newsround visited the US recently, Ayshah met Spencer, who was supporting Donald Trump in the election, which had not happened yet.

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Hear what Spencer had to say when Ayshah met him before the election

Since then, the candidate he was supporting has been elected to become the next president.

We caught up with him this morning to see how he was feeling after the result...

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"All my friends were cheering"

14:20 - Ayshah answers your questions

Will Donald Trump actually build a wall?

Ayshah: It's something that he's talked a lot about in his speeches and his slogan "build a wall" has been chanted by his supporters.

For now we'll have to wait and see. He doesn't officially go into the White House to start his job until January, so nothing will happen until then.

Donald TrumpReuters
Donald Trump has said that he wants to build a wall between Mexico and the US

How did Hilary feel when she lost?

Ayshah: Well, we haven't heard from Hillary Clinton yet. She's expected to give a speech soon and we'll bring you the latest on Newsround, so check back here.

At the party where Hillary supporters were gathered to hear the result, the head of her campaign John Podesta came on stage to tell her supporters to head home, as she wouldn't be making a speech straight away.

In Donald Trump's speech, he announced that Hillary Clinton rang to congratulate him.

13:46 - The next steps

I think Donald Trump will make America great again because he will protect, serve and be loyal to the public.

Rudy, 10, Dorset

Now that the election is over, many of you may be wondering what will happen next.

While Donald Trump has been elected as the next US president, he won't officially start the job until a ceremony on 20 January 2017 called the inauguration.

The Obamas can live in the White House, the official home of the president, until Donald Trump's inauguration.

On moving day, they will say goodbye to all the staff who work in the White House, and then Trump and his family will move in.

To find out more about what happens next, check out our guide.

Barack and Obama and his familyGetty Images
Barack and Obama and his family on the day he started the job as US president in 2009. They will soon be moving out of the White House

12:45 - Ayshah answers your questions

Why weren't there other candidates?

Ayshah: There were other candidates for the job, but they didn't get many votes at all, and they were from much smaller parties.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the two who were the most popular.

Every President since 1853 has been from one of the big US political parties - the Democrats or the Republicans. And this time it's the Republicans who've come out on top.

Hillary ClintonGetty Images
Hillary Clinton was Donald Trump's main rival in the race to be the next US president

Could Donald Trump ban homework in the UK?

Ayshah: No, he's going to be president of the US, so he will not make rules about how schools in the UK work.

Will he bring the US closer together or will it end up in chaos?

Ayshah: Donald Trump said in his victory speech that he wants to bring the country together.

At his speech in New York he said: "It's time for us to come together as one united people." But there have been concerns that the US is very divided and it's an issue that kids there told me should be dealt with.

Donald TrumpGetty Images
In his victory speech, Donald Trump said that he wanted people to "come together"

12:05 - Who is in charge?

Donald Trump has won the election to become the next president of the US.

However, it has not just been a victory for him. People in the US have also been voting for who they would like to represent them in another part of the government called Congress, which also helps to run the country.

After this election, the party which Donald Trump represents - the Republicans - have kept a lot of power in Congress.

This is good news for Donald Trump, as he will be working with lots of members of his own political party to run the US.

But what do the Republicans believe in? How are they likely to want to run the country?

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How do the Republicans want to run the country?

10:10 - What do YOU think of the result?

I think the election result is bad because Mr Trump has been very rude to lots of different types of people.

James, 9, Wiltshire

Newsround wants to know what YOU think about Donald Trump taking on one of the biggest jobs in the world.

Do you have any questions about the result, Donald Trump or what happens next?

We'll be putting some of your questions to a BBC reporter in the US later today.

Get them sent in now by clicking here.

09:25 - Ayshah takes a look back at the night's events

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Look back on a momentous night in US politics

09:02 - "Donald Trump is a pretty cool guy"

Newsround went to the US to find out what children over there thought about the people in line to become the next president of their country.

Some of them were fans of Donald Trump, who is now heading for the White House. Others preferred Hillary Clinton.

See what they had to say below!

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See what these children had to say to our doll versions of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

08:48 - Who voted for who?

In the map of the US below, you can see which states voted for who.

The blue areas supported Hillary Clinton more, while the red areas supported Donald Trump more.

The white areas have not yet had their votes counted, but Donald Trump has already declared his victory.

Find out more about him here.

Map showing who voted for who
The blue areas supported Hillary Clinton more, while the red areas supported Donald Trump more

08:28 - "It's time for us to come together"

Donald Trump quote

07:50 - Donald Trump declares victory

Donald Trump has declared he has won the US election, in a speech to his supporters at his main election event in New York.

Donald TrumpAP
Donald Trump has addressed his supporters in New York

He announced that his rival candidate Hillary Clinton has rung him to congratulate him, even though there are still some votes to be counted.

"I've just received a call from Secretary Clinton. She congratulated us on our victory," he said.

"To all Republicans and Democrats and Independents across this nation, I say it is time for us to come together."

Donald Trump's running mate Mike Pence - who is set to become the vice-president - has called it an "historic night".

07:06 - Hillary Clinton supporters sent home

The head of Hillary Clinton's campaign John Podesta has come on stage at her main election event in New York to tell her supporters they can head home.

Many people who hoped that she would win the election had gathered in the hope of celebrating a successful result for the Democrats.

However, it does not look like this is going to happen.

Mr Podesta also told the crowd that Hillary Clinton will not be saying anything tonight about the results.

Hillary Clinton's main election event in New YorkGetty Images
Hillary Clinton's campaign head John Podesta has told her supporters at her main election event in New York that they can head home to bed

07:02 - Donald Trump fans confident of victory

Donald Trump's supporters are extremely hopeful that he will be the next US president.

Donald Trump supportersAFP/Getty Images
Donald Trump supporters in Arizona hug each other as they celebrate the results as they come in

Nothing is official yet, but with only a few more results to go, it is looking like he will be heading into the White House.

Newsround would like to know what you think of the results of this election here.

06:40 - Hillary Clinton supporters react to the results

With Donald Trump currently leading, Hillary Clinton's supporters react to the possibility that their candidate may not become the next president of the US.

Hillary Clinton supporterReuters
One of Hillary Clinton's supporters looked shocked in New York
Hillary Clinton supportersAP
There have been tears in Massachusetts
Clinton supportersReuters
More Clinton supporters hold their heads in their hands

05:50 - Meet the kids supporting Donald Trump

Ayshah went to the US to find out why Donald Trump's fans think he's the right man for the job.

These children will no doubt be very happy if he ends up winning the election.

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Meet the kids supporting Donald Trump

05:25 - Donald Trump ahead with a few more results left

Donald Trump supportersAFP/Getty Images
Donald Trump supporters celebrating successful results for their candidate

In the run-up to the main day of voting on 8 November, it was not clear whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump was going to win.

As we start our live coverage, with just a few results left to be announced, Donald Trump is ahead and it looks like he is going to win the election.

People votingGetty Images
Millions of people in the US have voted for who they want to be the next president of their country