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Pictures: Prince Harry helps 500 Elephants project in Africa

Pictures are released of the royal working on a project called 500 Elephants, which is moving hundreds of the animals in the country of Malawi.
Prince Harry has spent almost three weeks in Malawi in Africa. He's been working on a project to protect threatened animals, in particular elephants, by moving hundreds of them to areas where numbers have fallen.
Prince HarryPA
The project is called 500 elephants and is moving the animals 350 kilometres across the country of Malawi to a wildlife park, where the elephants will be able to live safely without fear of poachers.
Prince Harry and team with an elephantGetty Images
Elephants are under threat because they're killed for their tusks. The tusks are made of ivory and that is used to make things like jewellery and ornaments in some countries. It is illegal to buy and sell ivory around the world, but some people will still pay a lot of money for it.
Prince Harry helped with the first part of the project, when 261 elephants were re-homed. He explained this photo: "Marking one of the young males so that he is easily identifiable when the family group is released back into the bush and we can keep them together. The spray paint disappears after a few days."
Prince Harry and an ElephantGetty Images
Here the prince is working to help move an adult elephant who wouldn't budge! It did budge in the end, with the help of some medicine. The remaining 239 elephants in the mission will be moved in summer 2017.
Prince Harry and team try to move an elephantGetty Images