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Pictures: Your frighteningly fantastic Halloween pumpkins

It's that time of year again - Halloween! Loads of you are getting into the spooky spirit and sending us your top pumpkin creations.
Lola-Rose from Malvern added some extra decoration to her pumpkins - fairy lights!
Lola-Rose's pumpkin
Do you recognise these faces? Jessie from Leicester created pumpkins of Woody and another Jessie, from the film Toy Story.
Jessie's pumpkin
Jessica from Knutsford hasn't wasted any pumpkin! After carving this one with her dad, she made pumpkin soup with her mum.
Jessica's pumpkin
Eight-year-old Lily created this pumpkin with huge teeth - all the better to eat candy with!
Lily's pumpkin
Saskia from Penrith carved these pumpkins with her mum and set them up in the garden. One of them looks pretty peckish!
Saskia's pumpkin
Halloween doesn't have to be super spooky... Take a look at Katie and Lucy's pretty pumpkins.
Katie and Lucy's pumpkins
To celebrate her sister's first Halloween, nine-year-old Ciara has made a very memorable pumpkin with a moustache!
Ciara's pumpkin
Seven-year-old Max has been busy. He says pumpkin carving is great fun and he's all set for trick or treat!
Max's pumpkin
Check out this zombie and scary kitty pumpkin from Ethan and Paige from Tilehurst.
Ethan and Paige's pumpkin
Josie, Aliyah and Candy are having fun with their pumpkins in Paris!
Josie, Aliyah and Candy's pumpkins
There are some extra creepy carvings on Harry from Epsom's pumpkin... It looks like a brain.
Harry's pumpkin
This is Matt the bat and his pumpkin friend Winnie the BOO, with their makers in matching outfits... Very creative! Happy Halloween to all the Newsround readers from Edie and Mia.
Edie and Mia's pumpkin
Charlie from Belfast has gone for a werewolf themed pumpkin this year and painted in black.
Charlie's pumpkin
Lewis from London has been very creative with this one, the big pumpkin looks very hungry.
Lewis's pumpkin
Thalia from Pembrokeshire has created this smiley vampire pumpkin.
Thalia's pumpkin
Brothers Leo, Loki and Kane have spent all half term making these amazing Pokémon pumpkins.
Leo, Loki and Kane's pumpkin creations
Have a look at Beth from Cornwall's frightening pumpkin and its friends!
Beth's pumpkin
Emma from Edinburgh made this Cookie Monster complete with real cookies.
Emma's Cookie Monster pumpkin
Gracey from Wolverhampton has done well with those spiky eyebrows!
Gracey's pumpkin
Banana! Josh's Minion design is guaranteed to get you in the Halloween spirit.
Minion pumpkin
Jaydan and his mum have been working really hard on this year's Doctor Who designs. Last year's theme was Super Mario. We can't decide on which is the best year!
Jaydan's pumpkin
Kaiden from Oldham has created this scary pumpkin. Argh!!!!
Kaiden's pumpkin
Katie from Birmingham sent in her creation - carving all those teeth must have taken a while.
Katie's pumpkin
Logan has carved a ribbon for cancer awareness into his pumpkin.
Logan's pumpkin
Rebecca from York has been busy creating a Cheshire cat.
Rebecca's pumpkin
Elijah from Manchester has created this petrifying Zombie - complete with hat!
Elijah's pumpkin
Nina from Bristol has created a scary family of pumpkins for Halloween. Double the fright!
Nina's pumpkins
Jared, Isaac, and Noah have made this family of scary lanterns.
Jared, Isaac, and Noah's pumpkins
Ben and Sam from Billingham have created these two ghostly lanterns.
Ben and Sam's pumpkins
Nila from Leeds has created this pumpkin complete with freaky costume.
Nila's pumpkin
Alfie from Bolton has created these two guys complete with singing skeleton.
Alfie's pumpkin
Boo! Hattie from Hove has made a spook-tacular ghost!
Hattie's pumpkin
Noah and Nina from Northumberland have made these smiley terrors.
Noah and Nina's pumpkins
Rosie and Grace have carved these "sick" pumpkins, very creative!
Rosie and Grace's pumpkins
Sophie from Merseyside has made this Wicked Witch of the West pumpkin... How wicked!
Sophie's pumpkin
Aliyah and Josephine from Paris have made some great pumpkins.
Aliyah and Josephine's pumpkins
Esme from Herefordshire's laughing vampire lantern is amazing!
Esme's pumpkin
Helena and Joseph from the Czech Republic have sent in these two guys. They look evil!
Helena and Joseph's pumpkins
Jack from Manchester is clearly missing The Great British Bake Off. We wonder how Mary and Paul would rate this?!
Jack's pumpkin
Luke from Warwickshire has created this vampire and bat combo.
Luke's pumpkin
Olivia from Salford has been super busy creating these four pumpkins!
Olivia's pumpkin
Ruby from Kidderminster has created this spooky pumpkin house.
Ruby's pumpkin