Bake Off 2016 winner Candice Brown's top five moments

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The moment the winner was announced

PE teacher Candice Brown has been crowned the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2016.

In a royal-themed final, she got off to a strong start in the signature bake. Paul Hollywood gave her a handshake when he tried her meringue crown.

The technical challenge, a Victoria sandwich cake, was a little tougher for her and she was criticised for her jam.

But she pulled it back when contestants were asked to make a selection of picnic items in the showstopper.

Candice makes her final showstopperBBC/Love Productions
She proves she Can-dice do it! The Bake Off champion makes her picnic showstopper in the final

Mary Berry loved her little pig sausage rolls, and her chocolate and orange cake.

In the end, there was a clear winner - and Candice burst into tears when she heard the news.

She said she was in "complete and utter disbelief" at beating finalists Jane and Andrew.

In honour of her win, we've taken a look back at her most memorable moments from the series.

1. The peacock

Candice's peacockBBC/Love Productions
Flying high - Candice focuses on her peacock showstopper

Candice's amazing peacock won her star baker in Tudor Week.

She made it out of blue, yellow and green marzipan and it definitely wasn't marzi-panned! Paul told her: "You ticked all the boxes and then some. Exceptional."

Eagle-eyed Bake Off fans will remember that last year's champion, Nadiya, also made a peacock cake...

2. The gingerbread pub

Candice's gingerbread pubBBC/Love Productions
The King Bill gingerbread pub helped Candice become Queen Bake

Candice won another star baker in Biscuit Week, when she used gingerbread to create the pub that her parents ran as a child.

It included a pool table, a darts board and even a sticky ginger floor!

3. Her lipstick

Candice gets help with her lipstickBBC/Love Productions

From sticky floors to lipstick... Candice has become known for wearing a different shade of lippy every week - and her bold choice of colours.

One week, Mel even put on her lipstick for her!

4. Her Four Seasons showstopper

Candice's Four Seasons showstopperBBC/Love Productions
Flowers with flour - Candice's colourful Four Seasons showstopper

Candice made a beautiful Four Seasons showstopper cake in Botanical Week.

For the winter layer, she made a fruitcake from her late nan's handwritten recipe.

5. Her bread disaster

Candice's tearsBBC/Love Productions

It hasn't all been plain sailing for Candice.

She was left in tears after a disastrous Bread Week, with Paul criticising her chocolate loaf.

Candice and MaryBBC/Love Productions
Candice is in tears again - but out of happiness now!

But that hasn't stopped her from "rising" to the top and becoming the ultimate star baker.

Congrats to Candice!