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Pictures: Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2016 winners and finalists

Take a look at seven stunning photos from the Natural History Museum's competition, which sets out to find the best animal pictures taken by photographers aged 17 and under around the world.
The grand title winner was Gideon Knight, 16, from the UK, who snapped this crow sitting alone on a branch with the Moon behind him. Gideon said that the way the tree was dark against the sky with the spindly twigs of the sycamore tree silhouetted against the sky "made it feel almost supernatural, like something out of a fairytale".
A crow on a branch with the Moon behind himGideon Knight/Wildlife Photographer of the Year
This amazing shot of two oriole chicks being fed by their mother was captured by Kim Hui Yu from Malaysia - a finalist in the 15-17 category. Orioles can be found in many parts of Asia but getting a shot like this is no easy task. Kim went to the same nest every morning for 10 days before she finally got her chance! Definitely worth the wait...
Two oriole chicks are fed by their motherKim Hui Yu/Wildlife Photographer of the Year
This picture by Dhyey Shah of a Gee's golden langur shows a lot of emotion on the primate's face. Competition finalist in the 10 and under category, Dhyey snapped the langur on the island of Umananda in India, where there are only six of the monkeys left. Langurs live high in trees and can be very difficult to get a glimpse of.
A Gee's golden langur sits on a branch and looks into the distanceDhyey Shah/Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Carlos Perez Naval from Spain took the winning spot in the under-10s category with this wintery shot of a very cool chiffchaff bird, balancing on some reeds. Carlos has been a serious photographer since the age of six and has won the competition in the past. Keep it up, Carlos!
A chiffchaff balances on some reedsCarlos Naval/Wildlife Photographer of the Year
This linnet was caught having a snack by Isaac Aylward from the UK, eating the seeds from a thistle. This was no easy shot to get though, as these tiny birds are fast fliers and generally don't hang around. Isaac, a finalist in the 11-14 category, had to chase after the bird before getting his chance to snap a shot.
a linnet sits on a thistleIsaac Aylward/Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Louis Pattyn from Belgium snapped his way to first place in the 11-14 years category with this scene of two ibex (wild goats) on top of a hill. Louis captured this moment when on holiday with his family in a mountain refuge in the Swiss Alps. Ibex were reintroduced to the area after being hunted to extinction in the 19th Century.
A young ibex and its parent walk along a ridgeLouis Pattyn/Wildlife Photographer of the Year
This fantastic action shot was caught by Mikhail Shatenev from Russia, a finalist in the 15-17 years category. Mikhail snapped this amazing shot of a mother bear scaring away a curious raven after staying up all night and all day just over the Russian border in a remote area of Finland. I think he will have been happy with this! If you want to get involved then entries for next year's competition open on 24 October.
A mother bear scares away a ravenMikhail Shatenev/Wildlife Photographer of the Year