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Five favourites you might not find at Tesco

Tesco have stopped selling several famous products online due to a price row with Unilever.
Tesco is stopping selling many big family brands because of an argument over price rises with the company that makes them. It's because the value of the pound has gone down. Unilever are Tesco's biggest supplier of goods, so which ones are affected? We picked out five favourites that you might struggle to buy from Tesco. But don't worry, they are available elsewhere!
Unilever productsPA
You either hate it or you love it! Marmite is one of the products currently unavailable online at Tesco. Did you know, in World War I it was included in soldier's rations along with spam and condensed milk.
Spreading Marmite on ToastPA
PG Tips one of the UK's favourite brands of tea is also affected. The Tips part of the name comes from the fact that the manufacturers only use the top two leaves and bud of a tea plant to make their blend. Did you know, on average researchers reckon that people in the UK drink 165 million cups a day! That's a lot of tea.
PG Tips Tea
American ice cream Ben & Jerry's is another product affected by the dispute. According to NASA, ice-cream is one of the top three items most missed by astronauts when they're in space.
Ben and Jerry's ice creamJamie McCarthy
Pot Noodle, a brand of instant noodle snack foods which comes in a variety of different flavours is also one of the affected by the price row. All pot noodles sold in the UK are actually made in Crumlin in South Wales.
Pot NoodlePA
Wash going on? It’s not just food that's been affected, household items like washing powder, soap and toilet cleaner are no longer available as brands such as Persil, Lynx, Dove and Domestos have also been caught up in the dispute.
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