Meet the teacher who raps about Maths

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Check out this teacher's rapping skills

Meet Christian Foley, he might seem like an ordinary teacher, but his maths lessons are anything but normal!

He has been creating some pretty epic raps to help his students at Cardinal Pole School in Hackney enjoy maths a bit more.

In one of his raps, he rocks the mic about angles, ratio and Pythagoras!

His rhymes have proved to be pretty popular online, as well as in his classroom, with one of them racking up more than 37.9 million views online.

50 Cent
Famous rapper 50 Cent shared Mr Foley's video on his social media page

His rapping skills even caught the attention of world famous rapper 50 Cent, who said the teacher had: "got some flow".

Mr Foley, who also goes by the rap name Just Muz, said: "It's been absolutely crazy, I mean 50 Cent!"