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How did these Fruit and Veg get so big?

We wanted to see how many giant Fruit and Veg we could find
Newsround recently did a report on the World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off in California. Teacher Cindy Tobeck took home first prize with her pumpkin nicknamed "Orange Crush". It weighed a whopping 866 kg! That's more than the average cow! So this made us think, what other giant fruit and veg are out there?
Woman sat on giant pumpkinReuters
Leaf it out, this is the biggest cabbage we've ever seen! Sebastian Lueders from Germany could barely fit in the photo with this enormous cabbage at the Giant Vegetable Competition
Man holding giant cabbageGetty Images
We would really leek to know how Paul Rochester from County Durham managed to grow this world record breaking leek. It weighed an massive 10.6kg.
Man holding giant LeekGuinness World Records
Aharon Shemoel from Israel must have a real zest for producing citrus fruits after growing these enormous lemons. The heaviest of the two weighed a ridiculous 5kg. That's like two Chihuahuas!
Giant LemonsGuinness World Records
Spud you you believe it! Khalil Semhat a farmer from Lebanon discovered this huge potato growing in his field. It was so heavy he had to get a friend to help him pull it out of the ground. Sounds like a fairy tale - oh no, that's a turnip.
Man holding giant potatoGetty Images
Look how happy gardener Peter Glazebrook is, it brings a tear to our eye! He grew this world record breaking giant onion which won him a big prize at Harrogate Autumn Flower Show.
Man holding a Giant OnionGetty Images
It's usually takes two to mango, and sure enough couple Sergio and Maria Socorro Bodiongan from the Philippines scooped the world record for the heaviest mango fruit.
A giant MangoGuinness World Records