Comments: Should shops sell different clothes for boys and girls?

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What do you think about separate clothes for boys and girls?

Eight-year-old Daisy says it's unfair that Tesco supermarket sells separate clothes for boys and girls.

In a video filmed by her mum in a store she asks why there are such different things written on boys' and girls' clothes.

She tells the camera that she doesn't like it that boys are told to be adventurous while girls have simple slogans focusing on how they look.

The video has had almost two million views since going on social media.

It's unfair because everyone thinks girls should just be pretty and boys should just be adventurous.

In a statement, Tesco said: "We stock a wide variety of clothes suitable for girls and boys and listen to the views of our customers when reviewing our range. We'd like to thank Daisy for her feedback and we can assure her that new styles will be arriving in stores shortly."

So does Daisy raise a good point?

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We feel that boys and girls should be able to wear what they want without being judged. There should be clothes available that both boys and girls can wear. No matter what, you should be yourself!

Primary 7A, Fair Isle Primary School, Fife

We believe that it is unfair and agree with the points raised in the video about clothes. We think that the same slogan should be on different colours. However, this has opened up the discussion on boys'/girls' colours!! We still think that all slogans should remain but we shouldn't be dictated to.

Class 3ST, The Valley School, Stevenage