Pictures: The elephants who look like celebrities

Last updated at 05:55

This week, Jenny has been in South Africa learning all about elephants.

But it appears some of our favourite celebrities like to behave a bit like these amazing animals from time to time too!

To find out more about Africa's giants, read Newsround's guide to elephants and the ivory trade and take the quiz to see just how much you've remembered.

Elephant and Taylor SwiftGetty Images
These two strike a pose, wouldn't you agree?
Elephant and Zac EfronGetty Images
If Zac's eyes were a little wider, we don't think you could tell the difference...
Elephant and Justin BieberGetty Images
Justin takes a splash, but unfortunately this little nellie is missing his backing dancers
Elephants, Liam Payne and Harry StylesGetty Images
Liam Payne and Harry Styles face off
Elephant and Demi LovatoGetty Images
Sing loud, sing proud
Elephant and HackerGetty Images
Even Hacker's in on the action
Elephant and Robert PattinsonGetty Images
These guys have got the hump by the looks of things - Robert Pattinson doesn't look too impressed
Elephant and Wayne RooneyGetty Images
We're sure Rooney will be delighted with this match up - great footwork!