Drone Racing: How to watch it

People will now be able to watch drone racing on TV at home, but the makers found it was really challenging for people to watch the races live at the events.

This is because the drones are about the size of dinner plates and travel at speeds of 80mph - which can make them quite tricky to film and watch.

So, they have been looking into making special headsets which the audience can wear, so that they can see the drones from a FPV as well as the racers, and also see close-ups of the race on a tablet.

As well as this the makers have used bright and colourful LED lights on the drones and the obstacle course, to make things easier to see from further away.

In terms of safety, some drone race venues put big nets all around the audience to protect them, in case any drones crash or get a bit too close.

The current professional race courses are all in America, but Sky are hoping to bring the first professional drone race to the UK soon.

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