What is a Black Moon and can I see it?

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The Moon close up - but you'll struggle to spot the Moon in the sky when it's a Black Moon!

Stargazers are in for a treat on Friday night - there will be a Black Moon, but what is it and will you be able to actually see it?

What is a Black Moon?

The Moon goes through a cycle of phases and usually once every calendar month a New Moon occurs - that's when the Moon seems to disappear entirely.

However, every few years two New Moons occur in the same calendar month - and that's what's known as a Black Moon.

When and where can I see it?

The next Black Moon for people living in the Western Hemisphere of the Earth - including us in the UK - will take place on the night of Friday 30 September and early hours of Saturday 1 October.

In the UK it will be around 1.11am Saturday morning.

But remember it's a New Moon, when the Moon seems to disappear entirely, so you can't actually see it!

However, for stargazers it will give a clearer sky than usual to spot the other beauties of the night sky.