Chilly chickens get woolly jumpers

These rescued battery hens have been getting some fine feather replacements in the form of knitted jumpers!

They lost their feathers because of the conditions they had been kept in on battery farms.

Battery farming is when animals such as chickens are kept in very small, cramped cages next to each other. This saves space but is very distressing for the animals, and has been banned in the UK since 2011.

The birds were rescued by the owner of a falconry centre, she then put a plea for knitters out on twitter to make the birds something to keep them warm.

"The response was fantastic," she said. "I have to thank Thirsk Yarn Bombers for their immediate knitting skills!"

So, these guys now have a new home and seem quite happy with their fashionable new knitwear.

Check out the video.

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