'Super Ball Bot' could help explore planets

Space scientists are always trying to find ways to reach unexplored parts of space.

Nasa is working on a 'Super Ball Bot' they hope will be able to explore planets with tricky surfaces that have, so far, been too challenging for traditional space robots.

The 'Bot' is a collection of different parts held together by a wire net, giving it the rough shape of a ball.

Most traditional exploration vehicles have wheels or tracks like a tank, but these can run into problems with different types of surface.

It's places like Saturn's moon, Titan, where Super Ball Bot could really come in handy.

Titan has a soft surface with marshes and lakes of liquid gas that would not be suitable for a more traditional bots that could sink down and get stuck.

But because the Bot is lightweight and can easily move around in any direction it could make travelling around the moon much easier.

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