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Kid using a mobile phonePA
Kid using a mobile phone

One in three grown-ups in the UK check their mobile phones in the middle of the night, a survey suggests.

Four-thousand adults were asked questions about how and when they use their mobile phones, by the company Deloitte.

Nearly two in three of them said they check their mobile phone within 15 minutes of waking up.

Now we want to know whether you're addicted to your mobile phone!

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I do go on my phone quite a lot but I'm not addicted. I need it to keep in touch with family and friends.

Bobby, Teesside

I'm addicted to my phone, I'm on it all day everyday, even when I'm at school. I got it confiscated in class the other day.

Cleo, Farnbrough

I wouldn't say I'm addicted to my phone but I do love going on it!

Maddie, Devon

I am always on Snapchat or Instagram even when I get to school. Although I don't use it when I go to bed.

Mica, Chester

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