How strict should your school uniform be?

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Fifty children were sent home from a school in Kent because they were not wearing the correct uniform.

Reasons for turning children away from Hartsdown Academy included "inappropriate" shoes and "skin-tight" jeans and skirts.

Some parents have said their children were upset when they were sent home and that the rules are too strict.

Head teacher Matthew Tate says a letter was sent out in July outlining the rules for pupils and that sticking to the uniform leads to better behaviour and grades.

We want to know what you think about the rules at your school.

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Hear what some kids think of their uniform

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My school uniform is quite strict because all girls have to wear skirts and cardigans- not trousers and jumpers.

Akshita, Milton Keynes, England

Our school uniform is quite simple. It's only a blue shirt and trousers. You are only allowed to wear black shoes and you obviously can't dye your hair crazy colours. If you do, you get an orange slip! I really want to change the uniform, just a bit.

Hussam, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I don't see how uniform affects our learning! We get detentions if we don't have two full stripes on our ties!!

Jasmyn, Leeds, England

Our school uniform is really strict, we have a uniform card and if you have three things wrong with your uniform, you get a strike. Three strikes then you get an after school detention.

Dominic, Norwich, England

I think that is it good that the school wants to be smart with uniform but they should have given the students a warning.

Amy, Wellingborough, England

Our school is strict because we are not allowed yellow stitching on black school shoes and we have to have seven stripes on our ties.


My school is strict as you can't wear skinny trousers or leggings. Your skirt can't be more than two inches above your knee and you have to wear proper school shoes, no pumps or trainers. If you're found wearing the wrong uniform a teacher will drive you home wait for you to change your uniform and drive you back to school!

Katie, Staffordshire, England

My school uniform is so strict, however not many people stick to it.

Hollie, West Midlands, England

We have three uniforms winter/ autumn and a PE kit and in summer we have to wear ties.

Esme, Basingstoke, England

My school is also strict, we have sent students home and if you are more than 1cm off the guide lines you are given a detention.

Samual, Stafford, England

At my school we have to have the exact uniform, if you don't you get sent home until you have all the uniform correct.

Tom, Leeds, England

My school does not have a uniform, you can wear what you want as long as it is not too short or offensive to anyone. It is not that strict.

Anita, Derby, England

My school uniform is really nice and hardly strict at all. You can wear a summer dress, a skirt and a top or trousers and a shirt. Or some shorts but not anything crazy like a orange wig!

Lola, Twickenham, England

My school is just the same as the one in the article. No makeup, nail varnish or earrings allowed, as well as the clothes rules!

Amy, Derbyshire, England

Rules are rules, everyone should follow them, but I totally disagree with sending kids home because one item of clothing being different to the school uniform. What if the child's parents are not home?

Sami, Leeds, England