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Amazing miniature sculptures in the tip of a pencil

Take a look at these incredible tiny sculptures carved from the end of a pencil crayon!
Artist Chien Chu Lee, from Taiwan has been carving these amazing mini works of art out of pencil lead since 2010. He makes all kinds of different designs, like this famous landmark called the Burj Al Arab from Dubai.
Burj Al ArabChien Chu Lee
Look at this incredible field of 180 tiny tulips all carved from a pencil!
TulipsChien Chu Lee
Before he started making these amazing mini sculptures, he used to carve tiny toys for his children out of bamboo. Take a look at this Buzz Lightyear sculpture!
Buzz LightyearChien Chu Lee
Chien is completely self-taught, and has had no special training. He started using pencils for his sculptures after being inspired by fellow artist Dalton Ghetti. This one is a tiny sculpture of the “Xiluo Bridge” which is located in the middle of Taiwan.
Siluo bridgeChien Chu Lee
His tiny sculptures can be as little as 0.1 mm long and can take hours to complete. He said it takes a lot of patience and a steady hand!
eagleChien Chu Lee
Chien uses a super strong magnifying glass and tiny tools to help him carve the pencils. Take a look at this christmassy special!
Christmas pencilsChien Chu Lee