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The faces of the UK's first foster children

Children's charity Barnardo's has released photographs of its very first foster children to mark its 150th birthday.
Dr Thomas Barnardo founded the charity Barnardo's in 1866 to help poor children living in cities without any family to look after them. The children went to be looked after by families in the countryside and were the country's first foster children. One of the children helped by the charity was Lilian Murray, who was born in on 21 September 1899 and who went to live in a village outside of London.
Lilian MurrayBarnardo's
Elizabeth Mouncey was Barnardo's first black foster child. She was an orphan, and was looked after by a family in Kent. She became a cook.
Elizabeth MounceyBarnardo's
Arnold Borsay was born in Switzerland on 2 August 1882, and spent his childhood with Barnardo's in the village of Eyke, on the Suffolk Coast. in the east of England.
Arnold Thilibert BorsayBarnardo's
Thirteen-year-old Elizabeth Matthews would have been sent to work, in really bad conditions and for long hours, were it not for Barnardo's. But she was taken in by the charity and could enjoy her childhood.
Elizabeth MatthewsBarnardo's
Herbert John Ransom was taken in by Barnardo's when his mother could not afford to look after him and his six brothers and sisters. Barnardo's took him in and looked after him until he was old enough to live by himself.
Herbert John RansomBarnardo's