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Revealed: The 2016 Great British Bake Off contestants

The Great British Bake Off is back on Wednesday 24th August with 12 fresh faces ready to get their bake on. Meet the new contestants below...
Starting with the youngest, Michael (left) is 20 years old. His family is originally from Cyprus which has an influence on his cooking. Michael’s favourite thing to bake is Greek pastries with his Nan, which he’s been doing since he was young. Next to him is 26-year-old Tom. He grew up in Rochdale and moved to London after university. Tom makes his own cheese and salami and enjoys surprising his dinner guests with unexpected ingredients!
Michael and TomMark Bourdillon/BBC/PA Wire
Say hello to Kate (left), a nurse and mother from Norfolk. As a farmer’s daughter, Kate loves to use fruits from her father’s farm for baking. She vows to always remain positive if her bakes go wrong. Both Kate and Benjamina (right) have been passionate about baking from a young age. Benjamina has a brother and a twin sister who is her biggest food critic, but she says they help her to grow and improve as a baker.
Kate and BenjaminaMark Bourdillon/BBC/PA Wire
Meet secondary school PE teacher Candice (left) and former primary school head teacher Val (right). Candice learnt to bake from her Nan and can usually be found baking in her pyjamas! Val started baking for her family aged 15 and says she can create the classic bakes with her eyes closed… We’d like to see that, Val!
Candice and ValMark Bourdillon/BBC/PA Wire
Next up is Jane. She designs gardens for a living but when she’s not stuck in the mud, Jane is busy in the kitchen! Her preferred baking time is the weekend but she does get up early most mornings to bake bread. Her love of baking comes from her grandfather and father who owned a bakery in Hastings, Sussex. Next to her is Rav who likes to experiment with his cooking. It was his sister who inspired him to bake. Watch out for Rav trying to be adventurous with his food and using unusual ingredients!
Jane and RavMark Bourdillon/BBC/PA Wire
These two have used their jobs to inspire their bakes. Andrew, 25, is an engineer and designs jet engines. He likes to be ambitious with the designs for his bakes, like trying to make a plane out of baguettes! Hairdresser Louise got into baking after taking part in charity bake sales at work. When she’s not baking, Louise loves being outdoors and has walked up several mountains!
Andrew and LouiseMark Bourdillon/BBC/PA Wire
Another contestant who has made their mark at charity bake sales is Selasi (left). His work colleagues are often blown away by the beautiful cupcakes he makes. He recently ran a half marathon AND trekked through Malawi for charity. His weakness? Donuts. He says he can eat 12 donuts in 13 minutes… We’re not sure if that’s impressive or not? And last but not least is Lee (right). Lee is the oldest contestant at 67 and a proud father of two, with four grandchildren. Lee prefers traditional flavours such as chocolate, hazelnut, cherry and vanilla. Sounds yummy!
Selasi and LeeMark Bourdillon/BBC/PA Wire
So there you have it: 12 contestants ready to battle it out baking in a big white tent. Who will impress judges Mary and Paul the most? We'll have to wait and see...
Bake Off contestants 2016Mark Bourdillon/BBC/PA Wire