Rio 2016: Two gymnastic golds and a silver in just one day

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Ricky chats to Louis Smith

Day nine of the Olympics was a truly Super Sunday for the Team GB gymnasts as Max Whitlock grabbed two gold medals in the space of just a few hours and Louis Smith won a silver.

Louis took a break from gymnastics after the 2012 Olympic Games but decided to come back in 2014.

With his latest medal, a silver on the pommel horse, he said: "A lot of people thought I wouldn't be able to do it... it's nice to prove those people wrong."

But he was beaten to the top spot by fellow Team GB gymnast Max Whitlock.

"He's the new Louis Smith, the kids are going to be looking up to him - they already do," he says about Max.

Max Whitlock won his first gold of the day in the floor exercise and then followed it up with a second on the pommel horse.

Max said: "I'm literally only get a minute to show what you can do on each piece and it just feels incredible."

Watch Ricky chat to Louis and Max...