Lynx recaptured in Devon after three weeks on run

Last updated at 07:21
Flaviu the lynxDartmoor Zoo
Flaviu was found after walking into a humane trap and is now back at the zoo

A lynx that escaped from Dartmoor Zoo has been captured - after more than three weeks on the run.

The police had warned that the cat, named Flaviu, could be dangerous if cornered.

The Carpathian lynx, the size of a large domestic cat, was found after walking into a trap, which had meat in it.

Zoo owner Ben Mee told the BBC it was "a huge relief" to have got the animal back at the zoo in Devon, England.

Flaviu the lynxDartmoor Zoo
Flaviu the Carpathian Lynx was caught about 400m away from the zoo in woods

He said that they had been "living in the hope" that he would wander into a trap looking for food.

Mr Mee said he now wanted to find a female lynx to keep Flaviu company.

"He's at the right age, so that's the next priority," he said.

"We have also taken extra precautions to prevent another escape by putting a roof on the lynx enclosure."