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Pictures: Paul Pogba and the world's most expensive footballers

As Man United sign Paul Pogba for a record £89 million, we look at five of the world's most expensive club-to-club football transfers ever.
Paul Pogba has become the world's most expensive footballer. Man United has signed him from Juventus for £89 million. It's a bit embarrassing for United because Pogba left the club for £1.5 million in 2012, but they clearly think he's worth a lot more now.
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Coming in at number two is Gareth Bale, the Welsh dragon. In 2013, Real Madrid paid a massive £85.3 million to sign him from Tottenham.
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Manchester United fans must have been a little disappointed when they sold Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid in 2009. But the £80 million they got for him should have made them feel a little better.
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Gonzalo Higuain comes into our list at number four after transferring from Napoli to Juventus for £75.3 million. He may be fourth in our list but Gonzalo's transfer is the most expensive from one Italian club to another EVER.
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When Neymar moved from Santos to Barcelona in 2013, the club said it paid £43 million, although an investigation later found that the club had actually paid closer to £70 million. The club said the difference had been down to a mistake.
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