Toilet cafe: Indonesia gets a loo-themed restaurant

Last updated at 12:29
Customers standing and sitting in the Toilet CafeAFP
Customers check out the buffet at the Toilet Cafe

A toilet-themed restaurant has opened in Indonesia where customers sit on the loo and eat out of toilet pans.

So what's the main course? They only have one option and it's brown meatballs floating in thick soup.

It is normal food that's safe to eat but if serving it in a toilet bowl makes people feel a bit queasy there's a sick bag by the door.

It's not just a restaurant, it's part of a campaign to encourage the use of clean toilets.

The chef serves meatball stew from a toilet pan at the Toilet CafeAFP
One lump or two - what's on the menu at the Toilet Cafe?

Many Indonesians are very poor and don't have bathrooms. Some people just go in the bushes which experts say spreads disease.

The cafe owner is a health expert and he speaks to customers to give advice on how to stop germs spreading.

The restaurant in Semarang on the island of Java in Indonesia isn't the only loo cafe - Taiwan, China and Russia have them too.