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Rare Star Wars toys could sell for £500,000 at auction

A collection of really rare Star Wars toys are going on sale at an auction, and could raise half a million pounds!
A collection of rare Star Wars toys is going up for auction and could raise up to £500,000! This Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) vintage figure, is estimated to be worth £400 - £600.
R2-D2Vectis Auctions
The toy collection was put together by a French fan of the films, who had previously given some of his toys to a museum to be put on display, but has now decided to sell them. Items like this lightsaber could be worth £800 - £1200.
LightsaberVectis Auctions
The owner has been collecting Star Wars merchandise for around 40 years. The collection includes items from places all over the world like Mexico, Japan and France. This super rare Luke Skywalker toy could be worth £2400 - £2600. It's worth so much because it is slightly different to some of the other Luke Skywalker toys that were released.
Luke Skywalker toyVectis Auctions
One of the rarest items in the auction is an unpainted rocket-firing Boba Fett test-model, which sold for a whopping £18,000. The one of a kind test-toy was never actually made into a real version because the makers were worried it might be too dangerous for small children.
Unpainted L-slot rocket firing Boba Fett prototypeVectis Auctions/PA
However, the force was strong with this Bobba Fett figure which sold for £26,000! The boxed figure was thought to be worth around £4,000 - £5,000, but it smashed that figure in the auction. Bobba Fett is still hugely popular with Star Wars fans, despite the fact that he only appeared in the movies for a short period of time.
Boxed Boba Fett figure which sold for £21,000 (£26,000 including fees)VECTIS AUCTIONS/PA
The auctioneers say that this collection of Star Wars toys is one of the best mixes of toys they've seen, and said the collection include rare and difficult to find toys. This Glasslite Star Wars Droids Vlix toy from Brazil, is thought to be one of only 20 in existence and could be worth £8,000.
Star Wars Droids Vlix vintage figureVectis Auctions
Other items include some rare Yoda and Jowa figures. The two-day auction ends on Wednesday 20 July.
Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Yoda vintage figure and Star Wars The Return of the Jedi Tri-logo Jawa vintage figureVectis Auctions