Send us your questions for these Awesome Authors!

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Newsround will be speaking to loads of your favourite authors this weekend at CBBC's Awesome Authors.

It's a big event taking place in Birmingham, celebrating all things brilliant about books.

We will be speaking to loads of famous authors like:

Jeremy Strong - who wrote: The-Hundred-Mile-An-Hour-Dog

Lucy Hawking - who wrote: George's Secret Key to the Universe

Frank Cottrell Boyce - who wrote: Millions

Nicola Davies - who wrote: Surprising Sharks

Bali Rai - who wrote: Fire City

Amber Lee Dodd - who wrote: We Are Giants

Whether you'd like story writing tips from a pro, or want to know more about your favourite characters, we want you guys to send us your questions!

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Olivia, 12, Coventry

What would you rather write about: emojis or monkeys?

Jessica, 15, London

Question for Jeremy Strong: What inspired you to write the 'My Brother's Famous Bottom' books?

Lucja, 10, Bradford

My favourite author is Jacqueline Wilson. And my favourite book series are the teenage books.