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Alpaca invades football match and other animal pitch invasions

A rogue alpaca made a break for it during a football match in west Yorkshire - But it's not the first time animals have joined the sporting party. Have a look at these surprise guests.
This fluffy alpaca wandered onto the pitch during a match between non league side Ilkley Town and Carlton Athletic in west Yorkshire. Do you think he played for Woolly-verhapton?
A stray feline stopped a footy game at Goodison Park for several minutes after making it’s way onto the pitch. The furry black cat cause a delay to the Wolves v Everton game proving to be bad luck for the Toffees who lost to Wolverhampton 3-1.
Cat on pitch at Goodison ParkGetty Images
Bird on the pitch! A little bird had to be gently escorted off the pitch by two of Spain's World Cup stars. Gerard Pique and Isco both had to pick up their little feathered friend and take him to safety before their game with Iran.
Bird on the pitch in the World CupGetty/Matthew Ashton - AMA
Many people spend their lives hoping to play on the pitch at Manchester City. But this squirrel actually managed it. Unfortunately for the squirrel he wasn't allowed to stay to watch the game. Ground staff had to escort the furry fella off the pitch before the start of the Carabao Cup Fourth Round match between Manchester City and Wolverhampton Wanderers at the Etihad Stadium.
squirrelGetty Images
A swarm of flying ants arrived at Wimbledon last year, annoying loads of players, umpires and tennis fans. Urgh! It happens every year when the tiny flying ants come out to find a mate. But how do they all know which day to meet up on? Not even scientists know that yet. Weird!
Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world's biggest players - and it seems he's loved by.... moths. A massive swarm of the insects flew into the Euro 2016 final in Paris, France, after workers left the stadium lights on the night before.
Ronaldo and his mothPA
Seeing this on your arm might give you a bit of a scare if you don't like insects! This giant grasshopper jumped on to Colombian forward James Rodriguez's arm during a match against Brazil in a 2014 World Cup quarter-final.
James Rodriguez with a large insect on his armFABRICE COFFRINI
It's not just football that has its supporters in the animal kingdom, this monkey seems to love his cricket...or maybe he just spotted a banana. Either way, the match went ahead and the monkey unfortunately didn't get any runs at all.
Monkey on cricket pitch.Getty Images
A little bird flew onto the pitch to join the second half of a Premier League game between Manchester City and Watford in 2017. Watford's M'Baye Niang gently picked it up and handed it safely over to a match official. Sadly M'Baye's good deed didn't help the score - Watford still lost 5-nil.
Watford's M'Baye Niang picks up a bird on the pitch during the Premier League match against Manchester City.Reuters
No one told this squirrel that there are no nuts on a football pitch! The critter ran on during a Champions League match between Arsenal and Villareal in 2006.
Squirrel on pitch during champions leagueGetty Images
Foxes are often known as being shy animals but this one doesn't seem to mind people...lots of people! This foxy dude popped onto the pitch during a 6 Nations rugby match between England and Scotland. Which team do you think he supports?
Fox on pitch during 6 nations rugby match.Getty Images
Cats and squirrels are one thing but a DINOSAUR?! Ok, so it's not a real dinosaur but it would certainly give you a jump if you found it walking around your local park.
Dinosaur playing baseballGetty Images