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Pictures: Cleaning up after muddy Glastonbury festival 2016

Music, mud and wellies. It's time for festival-goers to leave the world famous festival and for the huge clean-up...
The sign is clear - it's time for the festival-goers at Glastonbury to go home. The world famous music festival happens at Worthy Farm in Somerset.
"Please take home your tent" sign at GlastonburyMatt Cardy/Getty Images
The mud didn't make it easy and this lady knows the struggle. Glastonbury is known for getting super muddy when it rains but this year is thought to have been one of the muddiest... and the festival has been going since 1970! Back then entry was only £1 and included free milk from the farm.
Lady walking with suitcase through mud at GlastonburyMatt Cardy/Getty Images
Now around 135,000 people attend the festival and it can take a while to leave... This car had to be pulled by a tractor to get it through all of the mud!
A car being towed by a tractorMatt Cardy/Getty Images
These wellies have been left behind - perhaps they kept getting stuck in the mud too!
Wellies left at GlastonburyMatt Cardy/Getty Images
Plenty of people helped to collect rubbish. There were special sections at the festival where people could recycle.
Collecting rubbish at GlastonburyMatt Cardy/Getty Images
This year it's thought they will collect 500,000 bags of rubbish, 57 tonnes of reusable items and 1,022 tonnes of recycling.
Litter pickers at GlastonburyMatt Cardy/Getty Images