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Pictures: World's Ugliest Dog contest 2016

Meet the adorable pooches strutting their stuff in the World's Ugliest Dog contest 2016...
Meet Josie, a contender at the World's Ugliest Dog contest 2016. The event celebrates all dogs and their imperfections and is held in California in the US every year. This fabulous pooch didn't make it to the top spot, but seemed to enjoy herself nonetheless.
Josie the dogJOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images
She was joined by Himisaboo. He may be one of the world's "ugliest" pups but he's still kissable!
Himisaboo getting a kiss from his owner at the World's Ugliest Dog competitionJOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images
Himisaboo's proud owners say his look was inspired by US presidential hopeful Donald Trump!
Himisaboo at the world's ugliest dog competitionJOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images
This cheeky fella, called Monkey, strutted his stuff proudly down the red carpet too. We can't tell if he's smiling for the camera or eyeing up his next doggy treat.
Monkey the dogJOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images
They say dogs look like their owners and it seems to be true in Icky's case. He and his owner rocked matching hairstyles at the competition. But it wasn't enough to take the title, that honour went to... drumroll please...
Icky the dogJOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images
...Sweepee Rambo! He came second in last year's contest but this year he was crowned the world's "ugliest" dog. Don't worry, Sweepee, we think you're adorable!
Sweepee Rambo the championJOSH EDELSON/AFP/Getty Images
The Chihuahua/Chinese crested miniature's win made his owner very proud! Chief Judge Brian Sobel said: "Scoring was tough with so many uniquely qualified dogs but we’re confident that Sweepee will be a magnificent champion!"
Sweepee Rambo the championGetty Images