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Pictures: The world's biggest slides

The Orbit sculpture in London has been turned into one of the tallest and longest tunnel slides in the world. Here's Newsround's guide to the some of the biggest slides on the planet.
The ArcelorMittal Orbit is the tallest sculpture in the UK - and now a giant slide has been built around it that the makers claim to be the longest and tallest tunnel slide in the world.
Ayshah going down the Orbit slide
Slides can be lots of fun especially when there's water involved. This is the world's tallest water slide. It's the Verrückt in the state of Kansas in America. It's 51.38m high and set the world record in April 2014.
World's tallest water slideGuinness World Records
And how about slides of the inflatable variety? This is the world's tallest inflatable slide. It measures 22.4 m and set its record in Perth, Australia in February 2016.
World’s tallest inflatable slideGuinness World Records
It's not just the height of slides that gets them into the record books. Look how long this slide is! It's the world’s longest inflatable slide, measuring 601.98m. It set the record in the state of New Jersey in America in July 2015.
World’s longest inflatable slideGuinness World Records