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Six inspirational things we've learned from Tim Peake's news conference

The British astronaut has spoken about his time in space at his first press conference since being back on Earth. We've put together some of the best bits.
Never give up - British astronaut Tim Peake has been speaking at his first news conference since returning to Earth and has been answering some questions about his time in space. When someone asked Tim what his message would be to the children of the UK, he said: "Don't let anybody tell you you can't do anything." Tim said he didn't get very good grades when he was at school, but that didn't stop him from trying really hard to become an astronaut.
Tim Peake: "Don't let anybody tell you you can't do anything."PA
He'd do it all again - Tim spent six months living on board the International Space Station. When asked if he'd do it again, he said: "I would go back in a heartbeat!" But he also said he missed his family a lot while he was up in space and is looking forward to spending some time with them.
Tim Peake: "I would go back in a heartbeat!"PA
Normality is key - When he was living on board the ISS, Tim said that he tried to make sure he did the normal everyday things that he would do when he was back on Earth. So that he didn't feel too freaked out that he was in space.
Tim Peake: "You get up in the morning, you have a cup of tea, make a bacon sandwich and go to work."Getty Images
Home comforts - During the news conference, one of the reporters asked Tim if he was glad to be using Earth toilets again! To which Tim said it was "great!" and that living in micro-gravity was incredible, but there are some things you do miss about Earth like the toilets!
Tim Peake: "When using the loo, gravity is your friend."PA
Unexpected surprises are the best - Whilst he was on board the ISS, Tim took some amazing pictures of the Earth and space. One reporter asked him which one was his favourite. Tim said his favourite pictures were the unexpected ones, when something incredible happened out of the blue, like a storm or the aurora borealis, and he quickly snapped it. He said the best one of these was a picture he took of the Milky Way whilst he was brushing his teeth on the Cupola - a module on the ISS.
Tim Peake: "I thought 'hey, why not brush my teeth on the Cupola' and I saw the Milky Way like I've never seen it before."PA
Science experiments are cool - Whilst on board the ISS, Tim was involved in more than 250 experiments in space. Sometimes they were small, like flipping a switch, but others were more exciting like testing out the airlock, controlling a rover on Earth, and doing a controlled "flame combustion" test on board the ISS. Tim hopes more people will want to get involved in studying science in the future.
Tim Peake: "We had some flame combustion experiments and that's... very exciting!"PA