Prince William forms cyber-bullying task force

Last updated at 15:18
Prince William tries out a human-carrying drone with the founders forum.AP
Prince William tries out a human-carrying drone with the founders forum.

Some of the UK's biggest technology experts have joined Prince William to form a special cyber-bullying task-force.

The task-force will work together anti-bullying charities to help make it easier for children and parents to get help if they are being bullied online.

Experts like Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who created the World Wide Web, and the heads of companies like Snapchat, Facebook, Google, BT, BBC and Sky have all become founding members of the team.

A group of young people aged between 11-15 will also help to keep the task-force up-to-date with the latest online trends.

Prince William who founded the task-force said: "The Internet is new. For the general public, it's barely 20 years old. So what we do now will mould this technology forever, so we must get our next steps right. "

"I think we have a chance to show that on this issue of bullying, technology can do more than create a patch for a problem it has presented; let's instead create an enduring, positive shift in our culture that could not have happened without technological advancement. "

One of the founding members Brent Hoberman C.B.E said: "The future of our children is inextricably linked with the Internet. It is our responsibility to ensure that they grow up confident and happy online so that they can make the most of the extraordinary potential it offers."