Spotted: The moth that impersonates a hummingbird

Last updated at 06:31
A hummingbird and a hummingbird hawk-mothBBC and PA

A wildlife charity is asking people to keep an eye on their gardens this summer for a moth that hovers like a hummingbird.

The hummingbird hawk-moth beat its wings up to 80 times a second to allow it to hover over flower heads as it feeds.

It's different from the moths you are used to seeing at night-time as it flies during the day - but lots of people mistake it for the small hummingbird bird.

A hummingbird hawkPA
A hummingbird hawk-moth feeding from a flower

Keep your eyes peeled

It is usually only a summer visitor from Europe, but as the climate gets warmer the moth has been spotted spending the winter in greenhouses and sheltered spots in south west England in recent years.

The charity, Butterfly Conservation, wants to find out if the hummingbird hawk-moth is trying to come to live in Britain.