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Central Europe's floods in pictures

Heavy rains battering parts of France, Germany and Austria have forced thousands to evacuate their homes, schools to be suspended, and one of the world's most famous museums to close
Days of heavy rain have caused dangerous conditions across France, Germany and other European countries, trapping people in their homes and forcing rescuers to row lifeboats down flooded streets.
Submerged houses in Germany after floodsReuters
In France, six weeks' worth of rain has fallen in just three days, flooding thousands of homes and businesses. Homes in the town of Onzain were wrecked after the river Loire burst its banks.
Flooded town in FranceGetty Images
And 3,000 people were evacuated from one town called Nemours, south of Paris.
People in Nemours, France, paddle through flooded streetsAP
The capital city, Paris, has been hit as well with the river Seine rising six metres higher than usual.
Eiffel tower behind floodwaterReuters
Water under this bridge rose so high that the Zouave statue was covered over its knees. The statue is sometimes used to indicate how high the river Seine is: if his feet are under water then emergency flood precautions are taken.
The Zouave statue submerged in rising waterReuters
The Louvre - one of the most famous museums in the world, and home to the Mona Lisa painting - was closed due to rising water.
Le Louvre in ParisReuters
Staff packed away priceless pieces of artwork so that they can be moved to higher ground, safe from the floodwater.
Plastic boxes containing artworks are placed for safe-keeping in an exhibition hall at the Musee de LouvreAP
It's not just France that has been badly affected - several towns in Southern Germany were devastated. Roads in the town of Simbach have turned to rivers, with cars covered by the rising water.
Flood damage is seen in Simbach, GermanyEPA
Belgium, Austria, the Netherlands and Poland have also been affected. At least 15 people have died, and thousands have been forced to leave their homes.
Woman carrying cat through muddy street after floodGetty Images
Many have had to move to temporary shelters like this gym in France.
People shelter in a school gymAFP
In Germany, crowds of volunteers helped clear mud from the streets.
People help to clean up flood damage in southern GermanyGetty Images